Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tessellating pattern blocks

In our 'Power of Reading' book - Grace and Family, Grace goes to visit her Papa in The Gambia. The illustrations show wonderful patterns and colours in the African cloth at the market and in the fabric shop. Grace and her Nana have African dresses especially made for them. In class we will be designing our own African prints. To warm-up for this, and to link with our work on 2D shapes, we created tessellations using the pattern blocks.  Do you like our patterns?


  1. You've created a lot of wonderful patterns with just a few shapes. Wonderfull!
    Hugo's mum

  2. I like our blog.

    HUGOS. 💰🚅😐

  3. This looks like so much fun. You've made some great patterns.
    Alfie's Mum

  4. The patterns reminds me the Kaleidoscope.They are lovely! Seren's mum

  5. I loved all of your patterns: each of them has a personal flavor. Grat job, Y2, keep going!
    By the way, I also really enjoyed Grace's story, which Martina told me, and especially Nana's enlightening explanation: "A family is what you make it". Nice reading!

    Martina's mom