Monday, October 12, 2015


These are the patterns we created in maths. We took out one part of our pattern and challenged a friend to work out what was missing and complete it.

The recipe

The Year 2s have been very reliable at passing on the message that their families would like the recipe for banana bread. It was delicious! Click the picture below to find the recipe online.

Inventing patterns for our necklaces

When we were thinking about Grace's colourful African dress we had the idea that she would look nice with a bring necklace too! Using our skills from maths and the pattern and sequence work we've done we invented a pattern with beads. We threaded our bead pattern onto a length of ribbon and repeated it many times. Some of our patterns were complicated and we had to work with lots of concentration to repeat them carefully. Do you like our bright necklaces?

Friday, October 9, 2015

Following instructions to make banana bread

On Thursday we worked in small groups with Mrs Dawson to make Gambian banana bread. We each had our own small bowl where we mashed the bananas and mixed the ingredients. Each ingredient needed to be weighted on the scales to make sure we used the right amount. We added raisins and golden sugar. We added oil and flour. We added baking powder to make it rise. The mixture cooked in small paper cases and then we ate the delicious cakes!

Instructions - some activities to try at home

In class we followed a set of instructions in the form of a recipe to make banana bread. Here are some activities to practise ordering instructions.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Today some of us had a go at this maths task. It was good fun so some of the children asked it they could try at home.