Monday, September 7, 2015

Giving instructions

We have been practising giving clear instructions. Firstly, Miss Ash and Mrs Dawson showed us the task. Miss Ash had made a small 3D model using the multilink cubes. The teachers sat back to back and Miss Ash had to explain to Mrs Dawson how to build the model. We noticed that it was helpful to say how many cubes to use.
With enthusiasm, we started to independently build our own models. We kept each model fairly simple by limiting ourselves to a maximum of 20 cubes. Once our model was complete we found a partner to test out our instructions on. 
We noticed that it is easier if both people use a loud, clear voice. It was helpful when the person building asked questions or simply said they were ready to hear the next stage of instructions. Saying things like 'it looks like...' seemed to make it easier for our partners to have a picture in their mind. 


  1. Great exercise! I would like to try it myself.

  2. It is fun to try. You could do it at home with Lego (Marcos in 2A).
    Or with Duplo (Edu in 2A suggests).