Friday, April 22, 2016

Ferme d'en Barrus

On Monday we visited a working farm where they keep goats and make goat's cheese. 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Investigating fractions of hexagons

Can you think of any other ways?


We followed instructions and worked through a process to use odd socks to make socktopuses.
Afterwards we storyboarded the process and wrote a set of instructions - a socktopus recipe!

Golden Time bees

Where does honey come from?

Year 2 learnt about the honey making process from Mrs Kneur, who used to be a bee-keeper. She shared her experience and knowledge with the children and answered their thoughtful questions.
Later in the day they worked in groups, using the BeeBots, to retell the 'story' of honey.

Making fraction walls

What is the tallest wall you can make? What is the lowest wall?

Making a base of 12 gave us a good wall. Some children discovered that numbers like 7, 17 and 19 could only have the base layer and a layer of one cubes and this led to a discussion on prime numbers.