Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Taekwondo fun for 'Health and Sports Week'

Mud structures

During playtime at the Village Gaulois we noticed that some people in Year 2 love digging up mud and finding sticks/leaves/stones to make houses! Our new unit of inquiry is about shelter. This is our central idea -
Human shelters have adapted over time and vary according to their environments.

So, we thought we'd follow up on the spontaneous building with a whole class activity using mud, sticks and other materials from the ground to create shelters. 

Year 4 are doing a unit of inquiry into structures and they too have been spontaneously building and forming bricks so it was an ideal time to get together for some team-work. The Y4's central idea is -
Shape and space affects the design of structures and their environments.

Here's a slideshow of our endeavours:

Visit to the Village Gaulois - finding out about how the Gauls lived over 2000 years ago

Here are some photos of our trip to the Village Gaulois.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Ice skating Risk Takers

On Monday we went on a trip with the PE teachers to the ice skating rink in Blagnac. Before we set off we discussed our feelings and they were mixed! There was nerves, excitement and curiosity. 
At the rink the first challenge was putting on the heavy ice skating boots. Once on the ice there was lots of laughter. Nearly everyone fell at least once (except the teachers!). 
Here are some photos and one of the poems we wrote in response to the experience!

Ice Skating Risk Takers

Skating as fast as a flash
Struggle with laces
Whizzing along
Cold solid ice
Smooth and flat
Sharp metal blades shave piles of powdery ice
Children everywhere

Skating as fast as the wind
Passing a fallen friend
Lend a hand and
They’re up!
Powdery ice on our gloves
Big wobbly helmet blocks my view
The scratch of blades on ice
Children everywhere