Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our Fire Engines

Working from photos we painted our own red and black fire engines.

Transport Art in Primary colours

We have been doing lots of art, based on the theme of transport. You can see our big vehicles in Primary colours. We worked really well in pairs to make these.

Alien Art

We have been reading 'Bob - a day in the life of the man on the moon'. The pictures in the book show aliens everywhere. Not just on the Moon but on the Planet Earth too! Bob, however, does not believe that aliens exist. So we drew lots of our own aliens in oil pastel to encourage Bob to open his eyes and notice the aliens that are all around him!

Place Value in maths

In maths we used rods and cubes to show the tens and units in 2-digit numbers.

From A to B - our IPC topic

As the Entry Point to our IPC topic on transport we made paper aeroplanes and flew them. They flew well but were quite complicated to make so we had to concentrate lots on the instructions.

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